• “Everyone wants a comfortable thing,” she said. “But when you step out of your comfortable zone, you will find a new world. I think it’s much easier for young people to do that. Instead of after 10 years, if I chose to go to a new place and do that, it would be more difficult I think.”

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    —Qifei "Rose" Lu

  • “The work I do is exactly what I was looking for during my co-op search, and I have the best team. Apart from the work I do, I love the culture of the company. Going on coffee chats with anyone in the company, watching FIFA matches with your team during office hours, playing PlayStation with your manager, having random discussions about work with anyone across different teams, and plenty of networking everywhere. The experience has been totally amazing so far.”

    —Keval Chandrakant Shah
    Business Intelligence Co-op, Wayfair LLC

  • “This is an emerging field that brings topics like cryptography and math together with computer science. My experience as a masters student in Information Systems at Northeastern has positioned me perfectly for this growing field. I’m very excited about the future — and I can honestly say that my decision to enroll at Northeastern’s College of Engineering has changed my life.”

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    —Parth Gargava
    Software developer, Fidelity Investments

  • “The cultural diversity of Amadeus by far was the best highlight of my co-op experience apart from my work. Freedom to explore multiple technologies and brainstorming solutions and team support in achieving our goals made my co-op experience worth remembering.”

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    —Jerin Rajan
    DevOps Intern, Amadeus

  • “Interning at Ernst & Young for three months is one of the best memories of my life. I got to travel to Los Angeles for my intern training. I also traveled to Orlando for the EY International Intern Leadership Conference. During the conference, which was for a weeklong, EY also sponsored a trip to Disney World where I made some amazing friends.”

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    —Deekshitha Venkateshaiah
    Risk Advisory Practice Intern, Ernst & Young

  • “Every day of my co-op was amazing. I had the chance to be part of one of the best teams who listened to my opinions in every decision and valued it. Their support and encouragement inspired me to think outside of the box and work harder every passing day. I had the opportunity to work with people who were experts in their field and loved the inclusive and warm nature of people in this company.”

    —Surabhi Sanjay Patil
    JavaScript software engineer Intern, The MathWorks

  • “Moviri has a nurturing environment for interns. My colleagues are positive, fun-filled and helped me transition from a student life into a professional routine. Even though I was the junior most member of the team, I had ample opportunities to put forth my ideas and inputs. As my co-op progressed, I received appreciation and encouragement from my superiors at work.”

    —Kavya Prakash
    Software engineer Co-op, Moviri Inc.

  • “Blissful, is the word that comes to my mind when I recall my co-op. Working at this Boston-based investment management firm was nothing less than dream come true. I got to learn a lot not just in terms of stuff in my domain but most importantly the American work culture and working of financial industry. People at GMO were always keen to try my approach to a given problem and were ready to provide any improvisation if required. To sum up, it was a great time to work here and I guess it couldn’t have been better.”

    —Mayuresh Dabholkar
    Reporting and Business Intelligence Co-op, Grantham Mayo VanOtterloo (GMO)

  • “The best part of my co-op experience was my exposure to humongous data sets and performing data analysis using Python and SQL. I was able to apply my skills learned during the IS course at my work. Also, the work environment I had was good. The co-op faculty I had were very helpful. They were my go-to people whenever I got an interview call.”
    —Pratik Parija
    Data Analyst, Town of Danvers

  • “I realized I can just sit in front of my desk, coding, the whole day, for me, it was so different from writing. I can just sit there for eight hours straight, and it’s like I feel this magic. I didn’t know anything like it before.”

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    —Ching-Chi "Amanda" Chang
    Software development engineer, Nordstrom

  • “Amazon Robotics gave me a great opportunity to apply academic knowledge to practice. Each day I was challenged with new and exciting problems. It was amazing to be mentored by some of the best people in the world of software development. My overall experience there has given me an insight into my future career and the skills needed to succeed.”

    —Harsh Pandey
    Software Integration Intern, Amazon

  • “Northeastern University has an ocean of opportunities. The courses that I took as a part of the IS program helped me grow my technical skills required to do the job, and the capstone projects at the end of each course exposed me to the ability to collaborate and work in teams which I could directly translate into my current professional setting”

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    —Rohan Naik
    Business Intelligence Developer, Ahold Delhaize

  • “I got the freedom to experiment new methods that had been never tried before. Working with and meeting people from four different continents gave me an overview of how different cultures mingle together and how it improves the creativity and productivity at work.”

    —Mitesh Puthran
    Data Science – Natural Language Processing, Avira

  • “As soon as I began my co-op, I started working on new projects related to Data analysis using data in Salesforce. It was an ongoing process and I got to learn so many new aspects of business analysis and management of CRM tool which I couldn't have learned otherwise. I also made several critical decisions based on data with respect to integrity and consistency and held many technical workshops from time to time. That sort of work freedom was a key motivator to excel and grow exponentially as a Data Analyst co-op.
    Not only did the Information Systems/Computer Systems Engineering coursework at Northeastern University laid the foundation which I used extensively through my co-op but it also helped me identify the kind of potential I have to master the skills taught in the classroom. Courses like Data Management and Database Design, Advances in Data Science and Architecture and Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence helped me immensely in performing a major part of the duties in the capacity of a Data Analyst.”

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    —Soumiya Roy
    Data Analyst, BEST Hospitality Training

  • “As a person with no prior work experience, this was the best opportunity I had to implement my practical knowledge that I had gained during my student tenure at Northeastern University. Everyone at Boston Private is smart, energetic and fun to work with. I have wonderful colleagues who have taught me about the finance industry and shared their knowledge with me. The culture here inspires me to work hard and stay challenged every day.”

    —Eric Pozholiparambil
    Data Engineer Co-op, Boston Private

  • “Being on co-op turned out to be the best work experience that I could have ever got. Everyday day that I had spent at EverTrue was fun and I cherished it. My fondest memory was when I finally completed one of the major features that I was working on and then presented it in front of the whole company. The responses that I got motivated me a lot and as a result I am more driven to succeed than I have ever been.”

    —Harshal Vijay Neelkamal
    Software Engineering Co-op, iOS’, EverTrue Inc.

  • “Every day I worked on tough and challenging problems that I found solutions to, which created a positive impact on our worldwide Enterprise Customers. Everyone here got the opportunity to work in the capacity of being a project leader and I was also entrusted with this role for different projects. The design principles, best coding practices and enterprise communication skills that I learned in my classes gave me the ability to perform at the same professional level as full-time employees.”

    —Nishant Gandhi
    Engineering Intern, DataRobot, Inc.