Students are required to take four of the six core courses plus four, three, or two elective courses based on their track .

Required Core Courses

Mechanical Engineering 
Complete at least one of the following: 
ME 5659Control Systems Engineering4 SH
ME 5250Robot Mechanics and Control4 SH
Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Complete at least one of the following: 
EECE 5550Mobile Robotics4 SH
EECE 5554Robotics Sensing and Navigation4 SH
Computer Science 
Complete at least one of the following: 
CS 5335Robotic Science and Systems4 SH
CS 5xxxReinforcement Learning and Decision Making4 SH


Complete one of the following options:

Course Work Option

Complete 16 semester hours from the course list below.16 SH

Project Option

xx xxxxMaster’s Project or approved Independent-Study course4 SH
Complete 12 semester hours from the course list below.12 SH

Thesis Option

xx 7990Thesis8 SH
Complete 8 semester hours from the course list below.8 SH

MS with concentrations in ME, ECE or CS

Students choose their concentration (CS, ECE, or MIE) at the time they apply to the program. They must take two core courses from their concentration department. The remaining two core courses must be selected one from the other two concentrations. The elective courses (which are 16 SH for course only track, 12 SH for project track, and 8 SH for the thesis track) are selected from the list of elective courses given below.

Course Lists

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department 
ME 5240Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing4 SH
ME 5245Mechatronic Systems4 SH
ME 5250Robot Mechanics and Control4 SH
ME 5655Dynamics and Mechanical Vibration4 SH
ME 5659Control Systems Engineering4 SH
ME 5665Musculoskeletal Biomechanics 4 SH
ME 6200Mathematical Methods for Mechanical Engineers 14 SH
ME 6201Mathematical Methods for Mechanical Engineers 24 SH
ME 7210Elasticity and Plasticity4 SH
ME 7247Advanced Control Engineering4 SH
ME 7253Advanced Vibrations4 SH
ME 7350Graduate Seminar in Robotics1 SH
IE 5630Biosensor and Human Behavior Measurement4 SH
IE 7270Intelligent Manufacturing4 SH
IE 7280Statistical Methods in Engineering4 SH
IE 7315Human Factors Engineering4 SH
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department 
EECE 5550Mobile Robotics4 SH
EECE 5552Assistive Robotics4 SH
EECE 5554Robotics Sensing and Navigation4 SH
EECE 5639Computer Vision4 SH
EECE 5642Data Visualization4 SH
EECE 5644Introduction to Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition4 SH
EECE 5580Classical Control Systems4 SH
EECE 7150Autonomous Field Robotics4 SH
EECE 7263Humanoid Robotics4 SH
EECE 7323Numerical Optimization Methods4 SH
EECE 7335Detection and Estimation Theory4 SH
EECE 7337Information Theory4 SH
EECE 7360Combinatorial Optimization4 SH
EECE 7370Advanced Computer Vision4 SH
EECE 7397Advanced Machine Learning4 SH
Khoury College of Computer Sciences 
CS 5006Algorithms2 SH
CS 5100Foundations of Artificial Intelligence4 SH
CS 5320Digital Image Processing4 SH
CS 5330Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision4 SH
CS 5340Computer/Human Interaction4 SH
CS 6110Knowledge-Based Systems4 SH
CS 6140Machine Learning4 SH
CS 6120Natural Language Processing4 SH
CS 6130Affective Computing4 SH
CS 6350Empirical Research Methods4 SH
CS 7140Advanced Machine Learning4 SH
CS 7170Seminar in Artificial Intelligence4 SH
DS 5220Supervised Machine Learning and Learning Theory4 SH