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2017 COE Co-op Awardees

May 2, 2017

Congratulations to this year’s COE Co-op Award recipients who were recognized for their professional development and achievements resulting from their co-op experiences.

The COE Co-op Team was proud to host the 4th Annual COE Co-op Awards Luncheon.  This event celebrates the exemplary work of a select group of undergraduate and graduate students who have shown great promise and intellectual fortitude throughout their co-op experience. This year’s recipients were:  

  • Michael Hoang (ECE)
  • Kathleen Fownes (ECE)
  • Victoria Suha (ECE)
  • Jenna Bilsback (ChemE)
  • Chase Kelley (ChemE)
  • Jordan Harris (ChemE)
  • Elianne Klein (CEE)
  • Matthew Parlon (CEE)
  • Michael Bogoian-Mullen (IE)
  • Zachary Carter (ME)
  • John Graves (ME)
  • Kerri McDonald (ME)
  • Louise Katzovitz (ME)
  • Jiaqing Chu (ME Graduate)
  • Ashwat Kandasamy Amirthalingam (EE Graduate)

Over 75 people gathered at the Alumni Center Faculty Club to recognize the professional development and achievements of the award winners.  Those who gathered to honor these students included Dean Aubry, Associate Dean Tom Sheahan, parents, friends and COE co-op coordinators.  It was a wonderful celebration of student success.