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January 25, 2017

Brittany Foley just finished pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. Starting her career as a Northeastern student as a Neuroscience major, Brittany ultimately decided to switch to ChemE during her sophomore year after her work with the Gordon CenSSIS and ALERT labs. During her time here, Brittany took advantage of the co-op program and different work and research opportunities at Northeastern to equip herself with a varied skillset. These experiences include shadowing a surgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), the NSF-funded (REU) program at Northeastern’s ALERT lab, a co-op at Morpho Detection, gaining valuable leadership skills as a resident assistant, and extending co-op work at Ra Pharmaceuticals in Cambridge to build a background in organic chemistry. In between many semesters, Brittany took her love for history and photography overseas, where she explored the beautiful countries of Europe at length and often visited many of her classmates on their dialogues and co-ops abroad. Most recently, she and three of her very good friends completed their Capstone project: Carbon dioxide recapture utilizing an integrated vertical aquaponics system. 

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