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Center for Healthcare Organizational Transformation (CHOT) – I/UCRC

CHOT is a multi-university healthcare systems engineering research center to conduct applied research on solutions to problems of common interest throughout healthcare.

CHOT is funded by the National Science Foundation.

CHOT is a industry-university collaborative research center including Texas A&M University (lead), Northeastern University, Georgia Institute of Technology, and Pennsylvania State University.

CHOT was established in 2008 to “conduct mixed methodology, applied research on the antecedents, execution, and effects of transformational interventions and strategies that combine evidence-based management, clinical and information technology innovations, and on-going organizational learning and cultural change” in healthcare systems. NEU conducts applied research on solutions to problems of common interest to its member hospitals. The site works in the industry-academia interface to accelerate the application of systems engineering and related methods to profoundly impact the improvement of healthcare systems. NEU’s long-term research thrusts focus on 6 core areas: safety and process quality, logistics, flow and access, efficiency and costs, system-wide optimization, and outcomes/effectiveness optimization.

The mission of NU CHOT membership is to seek solutions to complex problems through collaborative research, to dissemindate results more broadly, to help train and prepare systems engineers for productive careers in healthcare, and to collaborate in external grant seeking activities.

The motivation for CHOT is clear. Healthcare is the largest industry in the United States yet riddled with system problems, error, and inefficiency – costing over $2.3 trillion per year, comprising 16-18% of our gross domestic product, and increasing steadily at twice the rate of inflation. Numerous studies agree that roughly 30% of all U.S. healthcare costs are attributable to inefficient poorly designed processes, prompting the National Academy of Engineering, Institute of Medicine, and numerous others to advocate much greater application of systems engineering, operations research, management science, and related methods, and for greater partnering between academia and hospitals in this activity. Each IOM dimension of the care system – efficiency, effectiveness, safety, access, equity, patient-centered – can be improved by systems engineering, with examples including patient flow, appointment and staff scheduling, facility layout, disease screening, treatment optimization, regional planning, and pandemic response problems.