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Graduate Engineering Bridges

Graduate Engineering Bridges (GEB) is the official voice and student government of the graduate student body in the College of Engineering (COE) forming bridges between the graduate students in the departments and programs of the COE as well as in the other graduate schools of Northeastern University through the Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA). 

 The GEB was established in the fall of 2004 by a group of graduate students from the COE, and the name symbolizes the organization’s main goal of bringing all the graduate engineering students together. Currently they have over 1,000 engineering graduate students from all over the world studying at Northeastern. They continue to focus on enhancing the experience of the graduate students on campus in every aspect.

The board members and representatives of GEB come from every branch of the College of Engineering. It has created the opportunities for students coming from different departments to share their concerns and vision. They hold academic seminars, social events like hiking, camping, bowling and other activities to provide short time relief to the students from their regular academic life and also provide good chance to socialize with fellow students. You can find more about our events and activities on their website.