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NUAGE: Northeastern University Association of Gaming Enthusiasts

Northeastern University Association of Gaming Enthusiasts (NUAGE) is Northeastern's official tabletop gaming club. We hold Casual Game Night and other events every Friday and Saturday night starting at 7:00PM in Forsyth building room #201. We've got tons of board games for everyone to enjoy, so don't hesitate to come out to meet some new people and learn some new games. Never heard of any of our games? No problem! We at NUAGE love teaching games almost as much as we love playing them.

NUAGE will stimulate students' minds through puzzle and logic based thought in the form of fun and enriching games. We have no target student demographic and welcome all those interested in playing a wide variety of games.

Our mission is to create a diverse community of Northeastern Students interested in puzzle and logic based board games. The goal isn't to win, but to have fun; although, winning is nice.


Student Organization Advisors