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Success Stories

Kelly O'Connell
Kelly L. O'Connell, BS, Civil Engineering 2016
Julieta Moradei, BS, Civil Engineering 2016
Sejal Turakhia, DTZ-A UGL MSES'12
Divyanshu Kamboj, Lumi•Solair MSES'13
Kevin Johnson, EnerNOC MSES'12
2015 Grad Cohort Workshop Poster
Durga Suresh, Charu Kalra, Shweta Singh, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Masoud Rostami, PhD in Computational Electromagnetics anticipated 2015
Osso Vahabzadeh, PhD, Electrical Engineering 2014
Zhe Qu, MS, Electrical & Computer Engineering 2015
Shailesh Tendulkar, MS, Electrical and Computer Engineering 2014
Huimin Chen, MS, Electrical and Computer Engineering 2014