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Success Stories

Deekshitha Venkateshaiah, MS, Information Systems 2019
Jerin Rajan, MS, Information Systems 2019
Liyutha Al Ismaili, BS, Chemical Engineering 2020
Rohan Naik, MS, Information Systems 2019
Soumiya Roy, MS, Information Systems 2018
Katherine Graham, BS, Mechanical Engineering 2021
Nicolas Binford, BS, Computer Engineering 2018
James Tukpah, BS, Electrical and Computer Engineering & Minor, Robotics 2020
Erin Burba, BS, Computer Engineering/Computer Science 2020
Matt Alto, BS, Mechanical Engineering 2018
Maddy Leger, BS, Computer Engineering 2018
Mike McMahon, BS, Mechanical Engineering 2019
Harry Brodsky, BS, Mechanical Engineering 2019
Thurston Brevett, BS, Electrical and Computer Engineering 2018