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Success Stories

Michael Tormey, BS, Civil Engineering 2020
Caroline Ghio, BS, Chemical Engineering 2021
Erica Wagner, BS, Bioengineering 2020
Abbey Titcomb, BS, Mechanical Engineering 2018
Parth Gargava
Parth Gargava, MS, Information Systems 2018
Brett Daley, BS, Electrical and Computer Engineering 2018
Darryl Robinson
Darryl Robinson, BS, Mechanical Engineering 2020
Taylor Wilde, BS, Chemical Engineering 2019
Ben Kneppers, BS, Mechanical Engineering 2007
Ben Geilich, PhD, Chemical Engineering 2016
Murphy Wonsick, PhD, Computer Engineering 2020
Jay Shome and Andrew Smith, BS, Computer Engineering 2018
Alek Razdan
Alek Razdan, PhD, Computer Engineering 2021