While completing his EE master's degree, Venkat Pellakuru '14 did a co-op at EMC Corp. in Hopkington, Massachusetts. During his co-op he worked on assembling and testing prototype hardware and was in charge of scripting tests, bug fixes, and adding enhancement features to the product. According to Pellakuru, his co-op experience gave him "the right kick-start for a bright future and a glorious career. I had the opportunity to work with some of the bright minds in tech while getting hands-on experience with the latest technology and devices." Added bonus: Pellakuru was awarded the "Cause for Applause" award by his company during his co-op - given in recognition of his excellent performance.

EMC Corp

Pellakuru has worked as a data integrity co-op at EMC for over a year. His excellent performance led him to receive the Cause for Applause Award. While on co-op he has assisted with planning, designing, and implementing additional features and tests for the Future Disk Array Qualifiers (DAQ). He also configures test beds for perform testing of DAQ while working with a team and as a leader in the workplace. With a MS in electrical engineering and  years of real world experience he will be able to take his degree and continue into the workplace building his career as an electrical engineer.