Xiang Gong, PhD in computer engineering anticipated in 2016, joined the Advanced Software Platform Lab at Samsung Research America for his co-op job. His research is on computer architecture with a focus on GPU architecture optimized for both general computing and graphics rendering, and while on co-op he worked to develop GPU acceleration software infrastructure for Samsung's cloud computing services.

"Although Samsung is a huge company, I find my co-op experience is more like joining a start-up: finding and solving interesting and challenging problems at a fast pace. Everything you learned from school can be applied to the project. And you learn more from each other through collaboration and communication. I have a clearer understanding of my research and I feel pretty lucky to be given this chance. Besides work, we have all kinds of events, happy hours, and nice food!!!! You can meet and have fun with all kinds of talented people. It was an exciting adventure for me and I enjoyed it very much."