CRE-NS3: Cognitive Radio Extension for NS-3
Cognitive radio extension for ns-3

Installation procedures


Our extension is currently build on top of ns-3.17. First, you must use mercurial to checkout the all-in-one project.
    hg clone
cd into the newly created folder and download ns-3.17
    cd ns-3-allinone
    ./ -n ns-3.17
This will download ns-3.17 and all the other required components to have a fully functional ns-3 simulator.


Next is to remove the ns-3.17 directory and checkout our sources that include CRE-NS3 into that directory instead. The branch that we are interested in is called 'cognitive'.
    rm -r ns-3.17
    git clone -b cognitive ns-3.17
You may now build the entire project with
Please note that the tests and examples modules currently do not compile. This will be fixed in an upcoming version. For now, compile the project without "--enable-tests" and "--enable-examples".

Once it is done, you can navigate to the ns-3.17 directory and use the waf tool to build and run your simulation topologies which now integrates the CRE-NS3 extension.