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December 6, 2017
NU SASE members at SASE National Conference 2017 in Schaumburg, IL with the Honorable Mention for Overall Strongest Chapter Award. Jenny located in center holding award. (Please credit the photo to Johnny Vo )

About me

Jenny Cheung is a fourth year pursuing a Bachelors in Computer Engineering and a Masters in Engineering Management. She has completed a co-op at Bose Corporation and is finishing up her 2nd co-op at GE Transportation as an Embedded Software and Project Management co-op. She loves working with people across multiple disciplines and is heavily involved in the Asian American Community on campus. She currently serves as the co-president for the Northeastern University SASE Chapter. 


The Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers is a national non-profit organization that provides resources for professionals of Asian Heritage to succeed in the global industry. The organization also serves as a platform for celebrating cultural diversity on campuses and workplaces, and as a community for members to network and connect with each other.

The Northeastern Chapter of Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE) was founded officially in 2013. We strive to create a welcoming environment for Asian scientists and engineers through fostering the growth of young leaders and preparing our members for their respective industries. Northeastern SASE has grown exponentially and has been recognized with numerous awards every year. In 2015, NU SASE was recognized as the Most Improved Chapter and in 2016, received the Honorable Mention of the Most Influential Chapter. In February of 2016, our chapter had the privilege of hosting over 450 students and professionals from over 22 universities and 16 companies/organizations at Northeastern University for the 6th Annual SASE Northeast Regional Conference. We were able to co-host this conference with the College of Engineering. In 2017, this year, SASE National Conference was held in Schaumburg, IL, where NU SASE received the award for Honorable Mention for Overall Strongest Chapter.

NU SASE’s continued commitment to professionalism, diversity, and service echoes through our events that are tailored towards supporting members. As we maintained our momentum in the expansion as a chapter, we make sure that all offered events are applicable to individuals seeking to expand their skills professionally and be exposed to culturally important issues in today’s political climate. Our member base is full of passionate and unique individuals. We have organized several technical and non-technical workshops, many of which were requested and led by members and alumni who jump at the opportunity to share their expertise. Our flagship events, Networking Night and Career Panel, saw substantial growth in employer support and student attendance over the last few years. We’ve been able to work with companies such as GE Aviation, P&G, SharkNinja, and Raytheon, just to name a few.  We piloted SASEPals: our take on mentorship where new members are paired with mentors but also have access to a database of SASE upperclassman to reach out to with questions. In strengthening our devotion to service within the community, members volunteered at STEM outreach programs in local high schools and fundraised gifts for immigrant/refugee families. We have also continued to celebrate diversity with the Pan Asian American Council (PAAC) by facilitating engaging discussions on relevant issues concerning the Asian American community. Through impactful events and a close-knit environment, NU SASE will continue strive to provide members with necessary tools for their future careers.

I became involved in SASE my freshman year. I was an undeclared major and was just trying out a variety of classes. I met a couple of upperclassmen through the Asian American Center on campus who encouraged me to join SASE even though I was unsure of what I wanted to study. After I attended a couple of the general meetings, I was able to befriend upperclassmen who were passionate in their field of study and encouraged me to ask any questions. After taking their advice into consideration, I took a couple of engineering classes and discovered how much I enjoyed being able to apply the engineering mindset towards any type of problem. In my sophomore year and with the encouragement of my peers, I took on a leadership position: the Finance Chair of the Northeast Regional Conference Committee where I was in charge of budgeting thousands of dollars for vendors, speakers, ticketing and corporate sponsorships. It was very rewarding to see something you plan for over 8 months come to life. In my middler year, I was the Corporate Relations Chair for NU SASE, where I was able to create and maintain connections with science and engineering companies in the Boston area. I now serve as the co-president of the NU SASE chapter, where my goal is to help SASE continue to grow in its professional connections with Northeastern University COS/COE, companies around Boston, and to create a tight knit community of individuals passionate about STEM fields. SASE has empowered me to venture outside of my comfort zone, putting me in situations forcing me to grow, I have gotten the pleasure of meeting some really inspiring and awesome people. As SASE has given me so much in my college experience at Northeastern, I love being able to give back to the community and helping guide others just as I was.

No one accomplishes anything alone, and that is why I would like to thank every single person on the NU SASE executive board. They are not afraid to speak up, and work tirelessly to accomplish our goals and I love working with them. As our eboard is quite big, I would like to give a shoutout to my co-president Derek Tran and Vice President Emily Po. We have a great team this year, the rest of the eboard are highlighted here:

With such an enthusiastic team, we have been able to plan some awesome events and it is such a rewarding experience to see our visions come to life.

Interested in joining NU SASE? Email us at to join the newsletter list or like our Facebook page at

December 6, 2017 10:45 am