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Enabling Engineering

Enabling Engineering is a Northeastern University student group focused on enabling and empowering individuals with disabilities and the elderly.  We work to build low-cost devices that improve the lives of the elderly and individuals with physical or cognitive disabilities, help family members and nursing care professionals care of people with special needs, and empower affected individuals by giving them greater independence, reducing medical errors, and increasing social connectedness, at minimal cost. 

Enabling Engineering is student-led, self-sustaining organization focused on achieving these goals. Students develop proposals for design projects that uses engineering technologies to improve the lives of individuals with cognitive or physical disabilities. Project groups work with end users and caregivers at local nursing homes and special education schools to assess a specific need, research potential solutions, and develop a detailed proposal for a project. Project groups are matched with product design mentors who guide groups through the design process. Seminars cover relevant topics including surveys of specific physical and cognitive disabilities, and the applicable engineering technologies.  The group represents a unique partnership among undergraduate students, faculty researchers, alumni, mentors, caregivers, and end users.

Please view the Enabling Engineering 2014 Annual Report for more information about the group's activities.

Student Organization Advisor

Fall Weekly Meetings
Thursdays, 7:00pm
236 Forsyth