Reports & Papers

Statistical Process Control

Experimental Design

  • Use of Mathematical Programming in Analysis of Constrained and Unconstrained Industrial Experiments [abstract] [full text]
  • Alternate Dispersion Measures in Replicated Factorial Experiments [abstract] [full text]

Health Care

  • Statistical Quality Control Methods in Infection Control and Epidemiology: Introduction [abstract] [full text]
  • SQC Methods in Infection Control and Epidemiology: Performance and Research Issues [abstract] [full text]
  • Another View on How to Measure Health Care Quality [abstract] [full text]
  • Some Control Chart Caveats [abstract] [full text]
  • Examining Health Systems from Engineering Economy and Cost of Quality Perspectives [abstract] [full text]
  • An Approach to Controlling Methicillin-Resistant Stapylococcus Aureus Using Annotated Statistical Control Charts [abstract] [full text]
  • Risk-adjusted Sequential Probability Ratio Tests and Longitudinal Surveillance Methods [abstract] [full text]

Data Envelopment Analysis


Inspection Error

Multi-Response Optimization

  • On the Sensitivity of Desirability Functions for Multi-response Optimization [abstract] [full text]

Statistical Topics

Bounded and Continuous Feedback Adjustment

Cancer Screening

  • Statistical Models for Analysis and Optimal Design of Laboratory Screening Policies for Cervical Cancer [abstract] [full text]
  • Mathematical Models for Evaluating Automated Rescreening in Cervical Cytology [abstract] [full text]
  • Optimal Cervical Cancer Screening Policies [abstract] [full text]
  • Summary of Pap Smear Screening Models Research [abstract] [full text]


  • Use of Moving Averages and Binary Cumulative Sums in Nosocomial Cluster Detection [abstract] [full text]
  • Development of a Web-Based Multifacility Healthcare Surveillance Information System [abstract] [full text]
  • Exponentially Weighted Moving Average and Probability Limit g-Charts in Modeling Nosocomial Outbreaks [abstract] [full text]