**Please note: Digital signatures are no longer accepted.**

Below is a list of our most frequently used forms. Additional forms can be located on the Registrar's website or the International Student and Scholar Institute’s website. To download the form, click on the link and then save the document to your computer. E-signatures are not accepted. Please note the Processing Times required to complete these forms.

GSE Registration Forms

MIE Course Registration Forms

Instructions for MIE Forms

Download the form, complete the pdf (choose the correct option on the pull-down menus), save, and email or submit in paper form to the first required approver.

Academic Probation Forms

Change of Degree Forms

Other Forms

Processing Times*

Assuming forms are submitted with advisor and/or course instructor signature as required

10 business days

  • Form 129 Extension
  • Form 133 Program Completion
    Approved under the following conditions:
    • You will have completed all program requirements by the specified program end date.
    • You have applied to graduate via your MyNortheastern account.
    • We have a copy of your undergraduate and/or MS degree certificates (if applicable) on file.
    • All exceptions to the approved curriculum are documented.
  • Form 105 CPT Internship Form – for international PhD students only
  • Review of Academic Probation Plan
  • Incomplete Grade Contract
  • Transfer Credit Request – request is then reviewed by the Registrar’s office
  • Change of Degree Level/Program/Concentration/Status

7 business days

  • Letter Requests – certain requests could take longer
  • Course Registration for classes not in Banner – request is then reviewed by the Registrar’s office
  • Late course registrations – request is then reviewed by the Registrar’s office
  • Form 152 Co-op Form (Non-ECE students) – allow a minimum of 7 business days

3 to 5 business days:

  • Petition Form
  • Registration Override Request Form - Processed on a first come first serve basis

* Please allow for additional processing time during peak periods

How to obtain your Academic Advisor Signature

Students in a Multidisciplinary Masters Program

Computer System Engineering, Information Systems, and Telecommunication Networks.
Forms may be submitted to the Graduate School for advisor’s signature; allow at least 7 business days for advisor review. If you need more immediate approval, you must obtain the advisor’s signature yourself.

Electrical & Computer Engineering students:

Follow the department procedure for obtaining the signature of Masoud Salehi, Chair of the Graduate Committee. Please plan accordingly.

All other students

You must obtain your academic advisor’s signature yourself.